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We are proud to introduce the wonderful participating solutions in this year’s e-Bootcamp. Check them out below!

Project One:



Treatment of Water from Pollutants

Treatment of water from pollutants by decreasing the percent of (Salinity, Nitrates, and Chloride) for farmers in ways that are environmentally friendly. This is a new technology of treatment and free from any chemical additions or the use of electricity also there is no any losses in water quantity like traditional methods of treatment. During this treatment process the farmers have by-products like feed stocks and fertilizers. This Idea work as continuous cycle starts with water treatment and ends with by-products during treatment to provide sustainable systems for each water batch of treatment. The customer will have : Food, Water and job security.

Salah A. El Sadi

Project Three:




Rais’Eau: is a portable water saving device for reusing the sink water for flushing in households, Restaurants & cafes and hotels. As the demand on water increase and 80% of our daily activities do not need fresh water in addition the cost of water increase Rais’Eau comes to save water and save money in a green, customized and safe way. This device designed by Moroccan youth and installed by local technicians, the cost of this device is $250

Sara Ladouy, Motaz Al-Thaher

Project Four:



S-Tap “Smart Water Tap”

S-Tap is a system with an interactive user interface, that is installed in the tap, sowhen an individual starts to use water an icon display in a small screen or in the phone-app shows water consumption, tank level and then encourages the user to manage water consumption. Our targets include public facilities, companies and households. S-Tap system will not cost you more than 100$. The system has a positive impact on the environmental level by reducing water consumption and raises the community awareness for better and sustainable future generations in MED.

Mohammad Froukh, Mohammad Alomar, Lamis Qdemat, Moataz Aljoluni

Project Five:



Smart Dashboard for Irrigation Water’s Monitoring and Analyzing

Opti-moo is a smart portable device that can be connected to water pipelines and water meters. Its aim is to help agriculture-sector’s users utilizing their water resources more efficiently at an affordable cost. It is available in two editions with its user-friendly interface and cloud services accessibility. The first edition allows the small and medium scale farms to be aware of their daily water consumption and receive alerts in case of abnormal usage of water. The second edition will provide analytics and open access to water supplies anywhere, reporting wasted water, crop necessities and confronting unexpected faults in the pipeline system.

Alaa Emad, Baya Aissaoui, Mirna Gharbi, Intissar Rouabhia, Mariem Badboud, Vera Noon, Mohamed Assaf

Project Seven:



1001 Water solutions

1001 Water Solutions is an interactive Data Analytics management tools (Dashboard, apps) for wastewater treatment plants management in order to deliver a meaningful insights from data and implement sustainable, innovative digital water solutions, and to enhance decision support for operators and water authorities. Furthermore, solution features are based on a data-driven energy optimization tool with real-time performance monitoring. Moreover, sludge exploitation and management with the possibility of viruses propagation monitoring (example Covid-19).

Rafik Oulebsir, Sofiane Bennaceur, Anas Tallou

Project Eight:



Eco ريّ

Today, climate change impacts food security besides water scarcity, which makes the situation worse in the Mediterranean. Agriculture is the most freshwater consuming sector with large amounts of freshwater used for crops irrigation. Most farmers use traditional irrigation practices which are not efficient and waste plenty of water by infiltration and evapotranspiration. Our solution provides a smart, simple, sustainable and economical buried irrigation system to control, optimize and regulate the exact amount of water by using sensors in soil, to achieve accurate consumption of water, considering the precise water needed by crops, increase yield and its quality.

Sarra Bensabri, Baraa Hamdallah, Dalia Allouss, Adnane El yaakoubi, Ahmad Abu Arra

Project Nine:




MEDI-CWAT Services is a mobile application (app) thought for smallholder farmers based in Mediterranean countries. The Mediterranean basin is considered a hotspot for climate change, and the growing population living in the region is expecting pronounced temperature rise and freshwater availability decrease (MedECC 2019). The app is targeting food producers who are limited by water scarcity. We aim to create a tool for them to share experiences and receive advice adapted to their context and needs. The app would also allow connecting knowledge from farmers, municipal authorities and researchers. Its use will be facilitated by the interface’s simple design.

Ismail Karaoui, Jamal Mabrouki, Elhousna Faouzi, Nabil Khorchani, Bassem Mady, Kelly Fouchy

Project Ten:




Fruilter is an easy to apply, sustainable filtering systems for reusing water coming from sinks in the toilet flush. Fruilter can save up to 50 liters of water per day, meaning 18’000 liters in one year!

Wissal Khairallah, Mohammad Mikati, Giuseppe Scandone, Malak Altaeb, Imane Bensheikh, Amani Ayari, Kristina Xhiveli