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Participation Rules

Our event will be based on the following principles:

We want to make sure that we create a safe, comfortable, and inclusive environment and an enjoyable experience (without nuisance) for everyone. Therefore, we require all participants to agree with the following rules of participation in our e-Bootcamp:

1. Participation rights, once granted, are unconditional and shall not discriminate based on any personal traits, including but not limited to the following: gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political views, previous hackathon experience. In turn, participants commit to not discriminate or practice in any kind of hateful behavior towards others and are urged to report such behavior to the e-Bootcamp administration. In case harmful or harassing conduct is reported, administrators will investigate these claims and reserve the right to warn the offending party or withdraw right to participation.

2. Sharing provocative material, including sexual imagery, religiously, racially, or politically offensive content, hate speech, is prohibited in any instance within the context of the e-Bootcamp.

3. By confirming your participation, you agree that your name or image may be featured in reports, articles or communication material covering the e-Bootcamp and subsequent activities (e.g. screenshots). In case you do not consent to this, please contact the administrators ahead of time, but at the latest by December 1, 2020, explaining your reasons, so we can inform you on measures to protect your identity.

4. By confirming your participation, you agree to receive e-mails regarding the e-Bootcamp ahead of and after the event itself. The administration commits to keeping these to a minimum.

5. You and your team hold the Intellectual Property (IP) rights to your solution. By submitting it on our public platform, you agree that it will become viewable by the public and agree to potentially be contacted by interested third parties.

6. our assigned mentor and the e-Bootcamp administrators are here to help facilitate your team interactions. However, you commit to settling all potential legal conflicts arising from this e-Bootcamp, including but not limited to primary right to implement or register a solution, within your team.