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Check out the teams below that successfully navigated through our Water and Climate Change Entrepreneurship e-Bootcamp. They will receive MVP funding and coaching throughout the next couple of months to take their solutions from idea to reality!


Intissar Rouabhia - Mirna Gharbi Dit Kacem - Mariem Badboud - Alaa Emad - Mohammed Assaf

Opti-moo is a smart portable device that can be connected to water pipelines and water meters. Its aim is to help agriculture-sector’s users utilizing their water resources more efficiently at an affordable cost. It is available in two editions with its user-friendly interface and cloud services accessibility. The first edition allows the small and medium scale farms to be aware of their daily water consumption and receive alerts in case of abnormal usage of water. The second edition will provide analytics and open access to water supplies anywhere, reporting wasted water, crop necessities and confronting unexpected faults in the pipeline system.

Eco ريّ

Baraa Hamdallah - Sarra Bensabri - Dalia Allouss

Our start-up is based on eco-intelligent watering for your indoor plants, gardens, and even open-field farms. Built on biodegradable hydrogel, sustainable container, and integrated-RFID solution, the smart watering system targets producing high quality of fresh organic foods with minimal water usage. Eco ر ي is quickly set-up via mobile App, or via Eco ر ي website, giving costumers full management of the watering system whenever and wherever they are. Our system adapts to the crop’s growth class and to the changing conditions needed for each plant, in order to provide crop-specific recommendations that help achieving maximal yield.


Nabil Khorchani - Kelly Fouchy - Amel Aouidet

FarMed is a marketplace designed for Tunisianfarmers who have access to the internet and aresearching for a secure place to sell and buyagricultural products and material.
Despite the central role that agriculture plays in theTunisian economy, young farmers face severalchallenges : water scarcity, intensification of weatherextremes, low revenue, growing food demand, onlinepayment limitations…
Tunisia’s e-commerce market is underdeveloped and”connected” farmers are currently restrained to useFacebook groups and websites, on which fraud iscommon.
The mobile web application is targeting anyoneinterested in selling, renting and buying agriculturalproducts and material in Tunisia. We aim to createan extended community of farmers and othercitizens interested in agriculture.
The app would also serve municipal and agriculturalauthorities and researchers for coonveying messagesand sharing water conservation and climate changeadaptation tips with the community.


Amani Ayari - Imane Bensheikh - Wissal Khairallah - Kristina Xhiveli

Fruilter is an eco-friendly device, used for suistainable filtering system by reusing water coming from sinks in the toilet flush. It’s easy to install and maintain. Fruilter can save up to 30% of the water use and cost.