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  • When does the Water and Climate Change Entrepreneurship e-Bootcamp take place?

    Our Bootcamp will kick off on December 1, 2020 (4pm CET) and run until the end of May 2021. Keep in mind that if you will be joining from Algeria, Morocco, Portugal, or Tunisia you must count -1 hour (so we will start at 3pm your time). If you are in Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, or Turkey, we will start at 5pm (count +1 hour). Together with your team, you have 6 months to further develop your business ideas and do a thorough analysis on the potential and marketability of your solutions to tackle water and climate challenges in the Mediterranean region.

  • How does a virtual Bootcamp work?

    Our e-Bootcamp takes place online and has been adjusted to meet the logistical challenges by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We provide the appropriate tools so that you can develop solutions together online. We will have a plenary room in zoom (link will be shared with the participants) for video conferencing and live webinars. For the teams to work together, will organize private zoom rooms. Also, to keep you always informed and connected, we will also organize WhatsApp groups. Detailed technical instructions and access to the individual tools will be sent to you in time.

  • How many teams are participating?

    We have 8 teams of 3 to 6 entrepreneurs each participating in the Bootcamp. So, a maximum of 40 young innovators from the Mediterranean region will participate.

  • Are there any costs?

    No. The participation in the e-Bootcamp is free of charge.

  • Do I have to speak English to participate?

    The moderation, input sessions and team activities will be held in English. So, we require participants to understand and be able to communicate in English. Keep in mind that we will have participants from all over the Mediterranean Region, so not all will understand your mother tongue. However, if there is another common language in your team, the teams can also work in another national language. Although some of our mentors speak Arabic, we cannot guarantee that the experts and mentors will be able to support you in the chosen language.

  • Will participants receive support during the e-Bootcamp?

    Yes. Your trainers and mentors will not only provide technical inputs, but also check in with you during your group work time. Experts in specific topics will be available to support you with their feedback and knowledge during the entire e-Bootcamp. Just ask your trainers for what you need!

  • On which platform will the e-Bootcamp take place?

    We will utilize the virtual learning platform to plan and conduct the e-Bootcamp’s various activities. Here, you will find a Zoom plenary room, accessible during the sessions of the Bootcamp. In addition, private group spaces will be set up for you to meet and chat with your team members privately, share documents and submit files. Furthermore, there are many more interesting features such as a Networking and Cafeteria space that allows for further interaction and exchange between all participants.

  • If my team is one of the best, what is the award? What is the start-up incubation programme of cewas Middle East?

    The best teams will be invited to join cewas Middle East’s start-up incubation programme (dates and location to be determined and subject to travel regulations)! Once there, you will benefit from a tailored advanced entrepreneurial support program alongside your peers, experts, and senior trainers from all over the region. Besides in-depth training, you will receive one-on-one coaching to help you take your idea to the next level, access to cash financing and green investors, international exposure, and a community of like-minded changemakers!

  • Will the results of our group work be published online?

    The Intellectual Property (IP) of your solution belongs to you and your team. As we are trying to propose solutions to water and climate change challenges in the Mediterranean Region through collective intelligence, we would encourage you to provide open-source information, so in case you do not continue with the idea, some other entrepreneur in other geographic region can. On the other hand, having it online might be a great reference to find funding opportunities. In any case, in your solution board, you will let us know if we can publish it online or not.

  • What happens with my results (idea, prototype, etc.) of the e-Bootcamp?

    Our aim is that the results will be practically used after the Bootcamp to help overcoming water and climate change challenges in the Mediterranean Region. To make sure that your prototypes become viable solutions after the Bootcamp, you could receive support from our start-up programme.